The Oxford-Lafayette County Chamber of Commerce is the most dynamic business organization in our community where businesses and professionals come together to work to improve the business climate and quality of life for our area. With over 550 members, the Chamber strives to undertake programs and projects which seek a positive business climate conducive to growth of the private enterprise system, raising per capita income and providing strong financial, physical and human resources, for the citizens of Oxford and Lafayette County. These goals are accomplished through a variety of avenues, including networking opportunities, seminars, events, marketing opportunities, referrals, leadership programs, or other resources available exclusively to Chamber members. Thank you for your interest in joining the Oxford-Lafayette County Chamber of Commerce.

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Individual Membership: $100.00
An individual person can join the Chamber and be listed under the membership category of Individuals. This member will not be listed under any business category listings.
Additional Representative Membership: $100.00
If a business has an existing active membership, and an employee from that business would like their own seperate membership, they may have an additonal rep membership. This is useful for realtors, attorneys, insurance agents, etc.
Non-Profit Membership: $100.00
Members who are non-profits, such as churches and charitable organizations.
Retiree Membership: $75.00
An retired individual or couple may join the Chamber as a Retiree member. They will be listed under the Individuals membership category.
Associate Membership: $100.00
If you have multiple businesses that are members, the first business must pay the $200 business rate, and then each additional business may join as an associate member.

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